As you know Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) shortages are putting front-line health professionals at risk and preventing their efforts to care for patients. With so many of our choir members who are front-line workers, volunteers or have partners and family members working within the NHS, Devon-based Soul of the City Gospel Choir have created this uplifting video, direct from our very own living rooms. We are unbelievably proud to be able to help raise PPE funds ?Higher & Higher!?? ? See Video below ?just launched with 10K views in just 24hrs

?It is important to have the PPE that protects us from high-risk patients. This includes- FPP3 masks (properly fitted masks), eye protection, gloves and full aprons/ suits that covers the whole of the body. As a major risk if the virus entering via the eye or nasal passages so really important these areas are covered.? Dr. Francesca Vasquez, GP/Choir Alto

NHS Hero Support are dedicated to raising money for PPE. We at Soul of the City Gospel Choir have teamed up with NHS Hero Support to spread the word. Choir Leader, Fran Andre was speaking to a friend recently who is heavily involved in NHS Heroes Support about the huge task they have to raise funds for PPE. Fran thought: ?how can I help??. She came up with the idea for this music video as not only a fun way to engage the choir who are staying home and meeting online but to really help raise funds for this crucial PPE.

??PPE is required for ALL front-line workers.? Not just doctors and nurses, but porters, HCAs, cleaners, admin staff, checkout staff, carers, delivery workers, police, etc.? This involves adequate Quality and Quantity. Current supplies are woefully inadequate.? Dr. Ben Hallmark GP/Choir Bass

Singing online for many in the Soul of the City Gospel Choir has been a lifeline to connect and overcome isolation. Dancing around together, singing uplifting Funk, Pop, Soul, Motown, and Gospel songs is great for both our physical and mental health. It?s a time for us as a choir to connect, decompress and have fun.


“Singing with Soul of the City Gospel Choir remotely by video during this coronavirus pandemic has brought a wonderful sense of connection. The community spirit is stronger than ever. Singing helps me focus on the present and feel more positive and relaxed, which is beneficial for my mental wellbeing during this time of uncertainty.? Dr. Emma Parker, GP/Choir Alto

Of course, our choir misses performing together and feeling the beautiful blend of harmonies but making this video of a Jackie Wilson classic, Higher & Higher during lockdown has been brilliant fun. Staying home and being creative and even the warm-up stretches have been just what the doctor ordered ? so to speak.

?I support some of the most vulnerable and already very traumatised individuals making my working day incredibly intense. The outlet of getting to sing my heart out in choir has been absolutely indispensable. It is a huge stress reliever at the best of times, but right now it feels all the more important.? Dr. Molly Bodinetz, Clinical Psychologist/Choir Alto

Every member of the Soul of the City Gospel Choir is passionate about this cause as it directly affects many of us, our families, those volunteering and putting themselves at risk to help others and those with loved ones that are vulnerable, unwell or have sadly lost their lives to COVID-19.

??I think the majority of people are listening to the message to ?Stay Home?. We all need to pull together in this. If we don?t, we will just be prolonging the need to socially distance. This is a national effort to stay safe, stay inside and protect the NHS to save lives!? Helen Bowmer, MA Urgent Community Response Manager – Exeter Community Hospital/Choir Soprano

Even though we only had two weeks, no budget, our mobile phones and a lot of hope, it was an absolute pleasure to make this amazing video. We hope it will inspire you all to donate to this vital cause, all our frontline NHS workers deserve nothing less. Thank you.